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Unsure on your exact shade? You can select from our beautiful... bespoke blends of hair extensions only available at Beauty Works. Choose from over 40 beautiful shades, from alluring dark tones to distinctive reds and cool, clean blondes to metallic slivers and ash blends. Our hand coloured balayage and colour melt hair extensions fuse together multiple tones with a seamless transition from root to tip. Create depth and dimension to your own hair with our hand painted highlighted colours, featuring multiple tones for the most realistic hair extension blend.

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Beauty Works Blonde Hair Extensions Shop Now


Our blonde locks have tons of dimension thanks to our multi-toned blonde hair extensions that add subtle highlights throughout. Choose your perfect shade now, from warm, golden tones to bright champagne blondes.

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Beauty Works Brunette Hair Extensions Shop Now


Smooth, rich and deliciously chocolate, brunette ladies have an array of shades to choose from. Whether you're after dramatically dark, golden brown or sun-kissed honey hued tones, we offer a wide selection of beautiful brunette hair extensions with alluring shine.

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Beauty Works Black Hair Extensions Shop Now


Black hair is rich, classic and never goes out of style so why not enhance your natural locks with our black hair extensions? Beauty Works cool-toned black shades have a blue undertones throughout for enhanced shine and gloss.

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Beauty Works Balayage Hair Extensions Shop Now


Balayage is all the rage right now... From subtle brown tones to more dramatic sunkissed caramel ends, add flair to your natural hair by adding balayage or root blended colored hair extensions. Our unique colour blends are hand painted and fuse together multiple tones.

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Beauty Works Ash Tone Hair Extensions Shop Now


Beauty Works ash tone hair extensions offer a wide variation of cool, clean blonde shades. Cool, ashy undertones fuse together icy colour blends, and as ash hair colour is on the cool side of the colour spectrum, there’ll be no warm or orange tones in sight.

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Beauty Works Red & Auburn Hair Extensions Shop Now


Vivid and intense, our range of red and auburn hair extensions include cherry, scarlet and amber shades. Available in a variety of lengths, our hair extensions will help you create your dream do, no matter how you want your locks to look.

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Beauty Works Hair Extensions Colour Swatch Sample Match Now


At Beauty Works you will find great range of hair colours, available in single swatches or on our color ring. Match your hair colour or your clients hair perfectly before you buy!

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