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Beauty Works’ award-winning stylers are a staple for every dressing room... - whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. From tousled mermaid tresses using The Waver, to Hollywood style curls with The Professional Styler. A blogger, celebrity and industry favourite, these styling tools are designed for hair extensions featuring an extra-long barrel and with temperature control features.

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Beauty Works Styling Tools Collaborations


Obsessed with Molly-Mae's hair? Discover the secrets to her signature hairstyles. Shop your way to head-turning hair with her limited edition styling tools.

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Beauty Works Styling Tools Hair Inspiration


In need of a little hairstyle inspiration? We got you! Discover our award-winning hair stylers, that have been lighting up your feed.

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The Waver Tutorial

Want long lasting curls? Watch brand ambassador @PollyMarchant create long lasting curls with the Professional Styler.

The Pro Styler Tutorial

Want mermaid waves without the beach? Watch beauty blogger @amysmakeupbox create beachy waves with the Waver.

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