Stick Tip Hair Extensions - Celebrity Choice

Beauty Works Celebrity Choice stick tip extensions are designed for... the Micro Ring application method. Using the finest 100% Remy cuticle hair, each 1g strand is specifically designed to fit with our colour coded copper micro rings. This no glue or heat method is ideal for users that want to experience extensions without the use of any chemicals and who also want a longer term method. Coming in lengths 18”, 20” and 24”, every strand can maximize length, fixing limp locks by attaching the bond to your own hair using a tiny micro ring. Micro sized copper rings are used to secure the hair extensions in place for a comfortable, secure and healthy application. The hair can be resized for multiple salon application with the hair lasting up to 6 months.

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Celebrity Choice Stick Tips 18 Inch

Length 18"

  • Length 18”
  • 50g per pack
  • 0.8g per bond
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Celebrity Choice Stick Tips 20 Inch

Length 20"

  • Length 20"
  • 50g per pack
  • 0.8g per bond
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Celebrity Choice Stick Tips 24 Inch

Length 24"

  • Length 24"
  • 50g per pack
  • 1g per bond
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